About Us 

Pretty Purposeful Events, LLC was founded in April 2023 by Angela Gonzalez-Hassan. The company's mission, is to provide cost-effective event planning solutions for non-profit and community-based organizations, empowering them to create unforgettable experiences that resonate with their communities.

Angela's diverse talents, combined with her extensive experience in community engagement, corporate sectors, and event planning, inspired the establishment of Pretty Purposeful Events. Prior to moving to Atlanta, Angela owned and operated the successful small business, Leaps and Laughs Party Rental Co., which provided her with valuable expertise in the event planning industry. She has also collaborated with various organizations in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, including local government entities, youth programs, and community centers.

With a multidisciplinary education in IT, Business, and Healthcare Administration, Angela is well-equipped to design and execute purposeful events that entertain, engage, and benefit the community. Her passion for service and commitment to making a positive impact serve as the driving force behind Pretty Purposeful Events.

By assisting organizations in creating impactful events, the company aims to empower communities to come together and effect meaningful change. Angela's dedication to service and her impact-driven approach ensure that every event organized by Pretty Purposeful Events serves as a catalyst for positive transformation.