Youth Empowerment Events

 At Pretty Purposeful Events, we are passionate about equipping the next generation with the tools they need to thrive. Our specialized services cater to youth-centered agencies and organizations tirelessly working to uplift and inspire young minds. Explore how we can make a difference together.

Our services include:


  • Motivational Speaking & Edutainment - Our founder Angela "Angee" Gonzalez delivers motivational speaking sessions that are designed to inspire and motivate young individuals, sharing her personal stories of overcoming adversity and success. By sharing her journey of triumph over adversity, she connects with youth on a personal level, encouraging them to embrace their unique backgrounds and experiences.
  • Leadership & Vision Board Workshops - Our leadership workshops focus on developing essential leadership skills, fostering teamwork, and encouraging personal growth. We recognize the importance of discussions on multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion. Our sessions provide a safe space for youth to explore these topics, fostering understanding and unity among diverse backgrounds.
  • Engaging Social Events - Our youth-focused events provide a platform for creative expression, collaboration, and developing social skills. We offer themed events like karaoke or game nights for school breaks, holidays, special occasions, or just a fun way to promotes camaraderie within youth groups. 

In our rapidly evolving world, our young people face a multitude of challenges, many of which are influenced by their environment and diverse backgrounds.

Our mission is to empower and motivate young minds to overcome adversity, celebrate their unique identities, and foster a sense of belonging.

These events aim to provide support, skill-building, and positive experiences for youth who may be experiencing challenging circumstances, empowering and inspiring them to pursue their goals and dreams.